Privacy Policy



Here at Infohub, we take your privacy seriously. As a general rule, we do not collect your personal information unless you chose to provide it to us. When you choose to provide us with your personal information , you are giving us your permission to use the information for the stated purposes listed in this privacy policy. The information requested by Infohub will be used to provide a website feature or service to you. We take many precautions to ensure that the information we collect is secure and inaccessible by anyone outside Infohub. Anyone at Infohub with access to user information is trained on all relevant security and compliance policies.


Generally, the information we collect are your full name and email address. We may also collect your website’s domain address if you choose to provide it to us when you are commenting on our articles.

A. Name and Email Adress

Your name and email address information are collected on our homepage at the “Join Our Email” section and on our contact page.

The name and email address provided to us on our homepage will be used to send you latest updates and previews to your email address.

The name and email address provided to us on our contact page will be used to respond to your inquiry.

You have to take account of the fact that email transmissions are not encrypted by default, so we suggest you do not send sensitive information such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers or bank account information via such contact forms. Such information is not required by Infohub and if it is, it will only be via a web page that clearly states the page and transmission of information is secured and encrypted.

B. Cookies and Statistics Services

Infohub collects and processes impersonated visitor data (including cookies) using internet statistics services (Google Analytics). A cookie is a small file that a website transfers to your computer to allow your browser to remember information about your last session on that website. Your computer only shares information in the cookie with the specific website that provided it , and no other website can request that information.

On our homepage, we provide links to various social media sites. Once the link(s) is/are clicked, you may login and share our articles to the social media of your choice. We can not have access to your social media account information.


You can contact us to :

– ask for a list of personal information we have about you, if any.

– request a change, correction or deletion of your personal information.

– request that we avoid collecting anything in the future (opt-out).

If you believe at any point that we are not following this privacy policy as stated, please contact us immediately via our email address or call our phone numbers +251932175932 and +251933683891