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About Infohub

About Infohub

Infohub is a website that offers information on a wide range of topics. Our aim is to provide our users up-to-date information. In an era where the thirst for information is growing, we meet our users’ needs by providing them articles that  are both educational and entertaining. We have a style of writing that is brief and easy to understand. We value your privacy and have set guidelines on our privacy policy.


Our vision is to be the leader of providing quality information on topics such as beauty & fashion, food, lifestyle and science.


We aim to be leaders in providing reliable information on various topics.


Openness: We are open to any suggestions about Infohub including criticisms that will help us become better

Tolerance: We are tolerant of all types of views at Infohub. Even if we may not agree with some views, we respect them.

Drive: we are relentless in the pursuit of our goals.

Integrity: our team is adherent to our goals and values. We are loyal to you our users as well.

Passion: our writers are passionate about what they write.

Dependability: You can depend on the information we provide here because they have been carefully written with passion and focus.

Topics We Write About

The topics we write about include:

Ancient History & Myths

Beauty & Fashion



Health & Fitness

Personal Development 


We will add more topics as our site grows.



Check out our privacy policy page for more information on how we handle our users’ privacy.  If you have any enquiry about our website, you can contact us anytime via our email address infohubet@gmail.com or call us on our number +251932175932. We are based in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia.

We hope you can get what you are looking for and have a pleasant experience.

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