6 Fun, Productive Things you can do during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is probably the biggest crisis we have witnessed in this century. It has impacted all parts of our lives. We may not know what the ramifications are going to be after the pandemic is over. However, it has given us an opportunity to do things we didn’t have time for. Here are 6 fun, productive things you can do during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fun, productive things you can do during the COVID-19 pandemic

1. Food

This pandemic offers you an opportunity to try food you haven’t tasted before. Learn a new recipe on the internet, bake different types of cakes, and try the cuisines of other nations. My food recommendation is Kitfo. You should definitely try it out.

2. Virtual classes and museum tours : a fun, productive thing you can do during the COVID-19 pandemic

You may have wanted to learn new courses and languages but you didn’t have time for it in the past. Well, now you can take free virtual courses from the best sites such as Khan Academy. In addition, many of the world’s museums are offering virtual museum tours. Therefore, you can visit museums from your home.

3. Support local businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic is taking its toll on local businesses. Many have been forced to close for a while now and they might not even exist once the pandemic is over. You can support these businesses by sharing their social media pages. This may influence people to buy from this local businesses once the pandemic is over. You can also send a cheque to your favorite local business to help during this tough time. There have been stories of New Yorkers tipping 5000$ or more after dining in local restaurants. I wish local businesses the best and hope they’ll survive this pandemic. Supporting local businesses is definitely one of the fun, productive things you can do during this COVID-19 pandemic that will have a big impact in the future.

4. Binge watch your favorite shows

This is definitely the right time to catch up on your favorite shows. You can open the streaming platform of your choice and watch shows. I had time to binge watch The Good Place, The Walking Dead and Undercover Billionaire. I think you should check them out.

5. Self-reflection and spending time with others: two of the fun, productive things you can do during this COVID-19 pandemic

You have an opportunity for self-reflection during this pandemic. You should think about your goals in life and whether you’re on track to achieve them or not. Meditation and prayer can help you during this process. If you’re a high school student, you should think about the university you want to enroll in. Researching about the university’s scholarship options is an additional thing you can do. If you’re a parent, now is the right time to spend time with your children. You can redecorate your house with them. In addition, you have the time talk to them and watch shows with them.

6. Plan new things

This is an occasion for planning new things. You can plan your future trip. You can also plan to buy a new house or car. This pandemic gives you time to research about the type of house or car you want to purchase. You can also plan to start a new business in the future. You could create your future business’s logo, website and other stuff.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world’s social, economic and political landscape. The pandemic is likely to continue to grow for a long time. However, there are many fun, productive things you can do during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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