Trump’s Lifestyle in the White House

Recently, I read Bob Woodward’s book Fear : Trump in the White House and I noticed the peculiarity of President Trump’s lifestyle in the White House. A part of that peculiar lifestyle describes is Trump’s choice of food. Woodward labelled it ” a child’s fantasy meal ” referring to his choice of eating hot dogs in an official meeting with top officials.

Trumps Lifestyle


There is something weird about Trump’s Lifestyle when it comes to the bedroom. Trump and his wife Melania don’t share the same bedroom. Trump prefers to sleep alone in his big bedroom. Melania also sleeps alone. She usually travels to New York to spend most of her time and attention on her son Barron. Staff secretary Rob Porter and chief of staff Reince Priebus were mostly concerned with Trump’s mornings and evenings. Trump would watch countless hours of cable news and after hearing criticisms surrounding his presidency, he would be furious and write something offensive or announce an abrupt decision on Twitter. Although ineffective, Priebus tried to change Trump’s schedule so that the president would tweet less often. Ironically Priebus was fired after Trump announced the decision on Twitter.

Hardline Economic Views : A part of Trump’s Lifestyle in the White House

The most difficult thing for you to disagree with Trump are his hardline economic views. Thus, this was the most challenging problem most of his advisers faced. He deemed trade deals like the KORUS deal with South Korea and the NAFTA trade deal with Canada and Mexico harmful to the American economy. He didn’t like the trade deficits the U.S. had with many countries. Therefore, he wanted to impose tariffs on imported goods like steel and aluminum. For this he had the support of his economic adviser, Peter Navarro. However, most officials including National Economic Council chairman Gary Cohn and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis disagreed with Trump.

The Trio

Cohn and Mattis formed an alliance with Rob Porter to curb Trump’s dangerous impulses. Woodward writes that one day Trump decided to quit from the KORUS deal. He told Rob to write him a draft stating it. Rob and Cohn tried to dissuade him but Trump was furious. Rob wrote the draft but decided not to give it to Trump. Trump as always easily forgot and it would take days if not weeks or months before he would remember. This became the base for Rob to stop the president from making a regrettable decision, stall until Trump remembers. For Trump there needed to be something, some impulse for him to remember. It would be watching the news or having conversations with Navarro.

At one meeting, Trump was angry at the decline in the U.S. manufacturing sector and decided that he would impose tariffs on imported aluminum and steel. Cohn, Mattis and Secretary of state Rex Tillerson urged him not to make the decision as it would hurt the economy.They pointed out that the American economy was a consumer based economy and that it would hurt consumer spending if tariffs were put in place. Trump acquiesced and decided not to impose tariffs but days later he announced the tariffs totally ignoring their advice.

These are some of the parts I read from the book. There are several stories like Trump’s alleged “Golden Shower” incident where he hired prostitutes to urinate on each other in 2013 at the hotel room where former U.S. president Obama stayed during his visit to Russia. I recommend you to read it to know what Trump’s lifestyle looks like in the White House.

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