The Effect of Social Media on our Personal Development

The one thing we can’t deny is that social media has become a huge part of current living; shaping what we think is the new big thing to creating chaos within a particular area. Although, it is making our lives much easier it’s making it harder in a completely different way. The effect of social media on our personal development is a new issue we are facing.

Being Influenced by Others : An Effect of Social Media on our Personal Development.

The problem of too much options is an effect of social media on our personal development. This completely new problem leads to option paralysis. Option paralysis is only one problem and less frequent one. The more frequent problem is the problem of making the wrong choices which influencers or celebrities told us was “cool”. This obviously is the easier thing to do as we human beings find some sort of pleasure in not making choices for ourselves. This is because it obviously takes being wrong out of the equation, if it works for ‘A’ which clearly is above the person in question in the social hierarchy why can’t it work for that person as well?

Effect of Social media on our personal Development

This question opens a whole new door to two questions. The first question is “Have we always been so gullible?”. The second question is “Or is it something that happened somewhere along the line?”. To answer these two fundamental questions we have to refer to the human need to constantly be accepted. We also have to look at the need to conform to a certain group which goes on in life in a specific manner. This group in turn makes us bend our values in such a way that even us fail to notice.

We shouldn’t make the wrong choices because our values should be the pillars of our existence. If we keep making wrong choices without considering our values, are we really human? Social media alongside others takes the biggest share for the degradation of norms and in turn our personal development. Thus, the key word for life is “Balance” we should learn to be on the sweet spot in the middle.

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