Beye Aynet : The Food that Represents the Values of a Nation

Today, I’m going to tell you about a cuisine that is deeply embedded in a nation’s roots. It is called Beye Aynet. Beye Aynet is a dish that is associated with Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of a few countries in the world to claim a 2000 year independent history. It is probably the only African nation with its own identity, various languages and a manuscript called Ge’ez. In addition, it is the only African nation that defeat a mighty European colonial empire(Italy) and maintain independence. Ethiopia is a nation with many cultures. It has more than 80 languages. Ethiopians live with each other in harmony respecting their differences. Beye Aynet is a common dish that Ethiopians share and a pillar of Ethiopia’s culture.

What Beye Aynet is made up of

Beye Aynet is made of a flat bread called Injera and various stews called wot. It can come either in vegan/vegetarian form or meat stew form. The vegan/vegetarian form is called ye’tsom in Amharic, one of the nation’s five national languages of the country. The dish made from meat stews is called ye’fisik.

Ye’tsom dish

Ye’tsom dish comprises of shiro stew (made of chickpea powder), red lentil stew(misir ), and various vegetables such as collard greens, cabbage, carrots, potatoes slowly cooked in a light sauce. You can also add tomato salad to the list of foods included in this dish. This dish is popular in the fasting periods of the Orthodox Christian Church of which the majority of Ethiopians adhere to. Protestant Christians and Muslims also eat this dish with their Orthodox friends during this period. This is a symbol of how people in the nation are tolerant and friendly to people that don’t share their views. When Ye’tsom dish is eaten, people gather around and eat from a common dish. It is a symbol of togetherness and unity among diversity.

Ye’fisik dish

The other Beye Aynet dish is made up of meat and meat based stews and is called Ye’fisik. It is made up of stews like Doro Wot( a spicy chicken based stew that can be eaten on its own), tibs, alecha wot and many more.
Ye’fisik dish is often eaten in non-fasting periods. These two dishes are among the various Ethiopian cuisines that you could eat. You should definitely try Ye’tsom dish if you’re vegan/vegetarian. You should eat the Ye’fisik dish if you want to thrill your taste buds. These dishes are a very important part of the Ethiopian culture and a representation of the nation’s values such as tolerance, openness, and unity among diversity.

Beye Aynet
Ye’Fisik Dish
Tibs Dish
Tibs Dish on its own

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