Workouts to Prevent Heart Attacks

I start by saying that heart attacks happen when one or more of your arteries become blocked. The substances that block out the arteries are fat and cholesterol(cholestrol doesn’t block it right away but narrows it). Heart attacks happen due to a lot of reasons. The symptoms of a heart attack can be nausea, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, tightness of the chest, dizziness, and fatigue. Heart attack symptoms vary from person to person. Luckily there are workouts to prevent heart attacks.

Workouts to prevent heart attacks

The causes for heart attack

Age: if people are 45 years and older, they are more likely to have a heart attack than the younger people.

Smoking: smoke blocks our arteries causing a higher risk of heart attack.

High blood pressure and high cholesterol: high blood pressure can damage the arteries and if the blood pressure comes with other types of condition like diabetes it is more likely for you to have a heart attack. On the other hand high cholesterol narrows the arteries as mentioned earlier.

Diabetes: when your hormones isn’t giving response to insulin properly, it will raise your body’s blood sugar.

History of heart attack in your family: if your relative had a heart attack due to their older age like mentioned earlier you might be at risk of having heart attack later in your life.

Stress: this increases heart attack easily.

Heart Attacks

Drugs: these can cause spasm of your coronary arteries to block.

Preeclampsia: if you had high blood pressure during pregnancy then you are at high risk to have a heart attack.

3 Types of Workouts to Prevent Heart Attacks

We can prevent heart attacks by working out. There many types of workouts to prevent heart attack. You can even exercise after you had a heart attack(which is going to be after 10 days for most people). For example, you can walk around your house. You can bike. You can also jog in the mornings (not running just a light jog). In addition you can swim sometimes. These exercises should be done 150 minutes per week. Other types of workouts like weight lifting and resistance training can help strengthen your heart’s health. Running fast can cause heart attacks. Therefore, it is not advised for people who have had heart attack.

Strength work or resistance training – this training helps a lot because it decreases the body fat for people who have unhealthy weight issues. It reduces their body fat because the exercise burns a lot of calories. The exercise will help lower your cholesterol levels. You should do this exercise for 2 days per week. These resistance trainings include lifting weights(it could be hand weights or dumbbells), squats and pushups.

Aerobic exercises – these exercises improve blood circulation which will help in lowering blood pressure. Aerobic exercises help you control your blood glucose if you are diabetic. You should do these exercise for 15 to 30 minutes a day and 5 days a week. These exercises include jogging, jumping, and swimming.

Stretching: helps you to start your trainings and helps you recover from joint pain or other muscular issues. Always stretch before you do any exercise.

You should try these workouts to prevent heart attacks. Don’t overdo the exercises because they can damage your heart. You should also be careful of what you are eating. You should always eat healthy food like vegetables, fruits and some proteins.

Written by Afomia Alemayehu


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