The Epstein Conspiracy

Early Beginnings

Jeffrey Epstein was a well-known multimillionaire financier whose life started in a working class family, grew to fame and fortune and ended in the infamous Epstein conspiracy. He was born from Jewish parents on January 20th 1953 and grew up in one of the working class neighborhoods of Brooklyn. He started work as a teacher in 1974 at a private school named Dalton School. During his time at Dalton, he met Alan Greenberg, a CEO, who offered him a job at his company Bear Stearns, an offer Epstein didn’t refuse. He started a low-level position before he went on to create his own consulting firm and rise through the ranks of Wall Street. His time at Wall Street was marked by controversy as he was accused of being involved in investor fraud at a company he worked for named Tower Financial Corporation. However, he was never charged.

The Epstein Conspiracy
Jeffrey Epstein

Accusations by various women

Accusations of sex trafficking regarding him began in 2005 when a woman alleged that her 14 year old stepdaughter had been paid to strip for him. The girl was taken to Epstein’s residence by an older girl. Police started investigations into the matter. In the wake of various other allegations, the FBI started its own separate investigation in 2006. Even though an indictment was prepared in July 2007, it wasn’t presented to a grand jury and Epstein was granted immunity from charges. Years later, an attorney involved in the case stated that he agreed on Epstein’s immunity from charges because he was told that Epstein was a member of the intelligence. This has led many conspiracy theorists’ to believe that Epstein was an intelligence officer working for the government. They point out that Epstein had an expired Austrian passport with a different name, a claim which has been found to be true.

Prison Sentencing and the start of the Epstein Conspiracy

Epstein was sentenced to 18 months in prison in 2008, after he pleaded guilty to the charges presented against him. Three months later, he was allowed to leave jail to work for 12 hours a day and return back. After serving 13 months, he was released for a year of probation under house arrest. Epstein was arrested again in July 2019 after many women alleged that he had used them as his sex slaves. He was found dead in prison on August 10th 2019. His autopsy revealed that he had committed suicide.

After the autopsy report was released, many of his accusers didn’t accept the claim that he committed suicide. They suggested that the results of the autopsy revealed that his hyoid bone was among his neck bones that were broken. These types of breaks are more common in homicide victims than in people who commit suicide. Most conspiracy theorists’ believe that the report of his death is a cover-up and that he was killed on the instructions of members of the American elite because he had evidence of their immoral sexual activities with under-aged girls and their use of recreational drugs.

Indeed, Epstein had installed hidden cameras on his residences to record prominent people having sex with under-aged girls and use the recordings to blackmail them in case he needed a favor from them. He had many CDs labeled with the name of an influential person and the name of an under-aged girls. He was friends with several prominent people such as Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein, Rupert Murdoch, Michael Bloomberg, Michael Jackson and many more, leading some conspiracy theorists’ to suggest that he might have had dirt on some of these people.

Death and the Epstein Conspiracy

A month before his death, Epstein was found injured on the floor of his cell. Marks around his neck were suspected to be the result of either an assault or a suicide attempt. His inmate denied having anything to do with his injury. However, Epstein believed that he was attacked. Days later, Epstein was moved to another unit with a new inmate. A day before he was found dead, his inmate was moved out with no new replacement being brought in. During the night, both cameras that were supposed to record him didn’t work. The guards that were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes also didn’t follow their protocol. All these has led many people to disagree with the autopsy’s findings and made Epstein’s death the biggest conspiracy of the year. Although Epstein has passed away, he has left many of his accusers without getting justice.

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